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With tongue in cheek, some call “Back to School” the most wonderful time of the year. For GLA teens returning from a volunteer trip abroad, it can be bittersweet. By way of example, this Instagram post by @maggie.rose426: "The only school I want to go back to tomorrow just so happens to be in Belize with these cuties ❤". In this issue, we’ll attempt to brighten any Back to School “blues” by sharing more of the summer's experiences, and setting our sights on next year’s journeys. All aboard!

Video: Thailand in Two Minutes
Video: Peru by GoPro
If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to join GLA’s Peru: Service in the Sacred Valley program, take a look at Angela Liu’s entry to our 2016 YouTube Video contest. Seeing Peru through the lens of Angela’s GoPro camera is like trekking in her shoes (and don’t miss the part where there’s breakdancing in a mud pit). Watch it and give Angela a thumbs up if you agree.
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Spring Break
Set Your Sights on The Taj Majal
Our program in India is based within sight of the majestic Himalayas, and will immerse you in the warmth of community life in Dharamsala, with its children and families. But what makes the trip complete for many is the chance to visit the Taj Mahal.
See 2017 dates for India: Service in the Himalayas →
GLA Photo Contest
GLA Teens Aren’t Camera-Shy
Each summer we encourage photo and video shares with contests offering prizes. Search #GLATeens and #myGLA on Instagram, Facebook, or on YouTube to see what GLA students have submitted so far. (Photo Credit to @abby.mca)
Details: GLA Photo & Video Contests →
Question of the Month
Question of the Month
“Got any good ideas for fundraising?” You bet. In fact, we’ve got 13 solid ideas for successful fundraising, all in a neat little Fundraising Kit. Just like that, you'll be wearing your GLA tee shirt, waiting at the departure gate for your flight....
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#WOW (Words of Wisdom)
As we make the shift back to school this month, and look forward to a new program in South Africa next summer, we’re reminded of these wise words from Nelson Mandela about the true value of education. PC and thanks to @caffeinedaydream, who shared this image from Fiji: Empowering Island Communities™
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Vanessa Allen, Senior Editor

PS If you’ve made it to the end of this email, you might enjoy a bit of bonus reading: Check out potential new program destinations and take a survey about any that interest you. You’ll help us craft new Service Learning Adventures™ for 2017 and beyond.

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