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You’ve seen his face, now learn his story: Jan Marc, 6 years later... plus, learn how quickly you can be on your way to summer adventure - see Question of the Month article.
Global Leadership Adventures Newsletter - Experience GLA
We celebrate moms this month, and soon we’ll be giving dads and grads their due. Each of these annual events are milestones on the journey to summer… a season full of promise and potential. In this issue, we’re sharing news, views and videos that preview what this summer’s experiences have in store for you. Enjoy!  
This video will make you feel the feels
Video: This one will make you feel all the feels
Ever wonder what volunteering on a GLA Service Learning Adventure™ in the Dominican Republic is like? Check out the epic video that alum Alexandria Avakian created. Inspired to join the cause? There's still a spot for you this summer!
Experience the DR volunteer adventure →
Program Highlight - Guatemala: Children of the Maya™
In Guatemala, education is the key to unlocking the potential of the next generation of Maya youth - and GLA is thrilled to return for a 5th consecutive summer to work side-by-side with local partners at a Maya school in Xela. From meaningful service surrounded by smiling children to exploring Guatemala’s sacred Lake Atitlán, this will be two weeks you’ll never forget.
Discover Guatemala →
Checking in with our first ever #GLAfamous alum
You’ve seen his face - now learn his story! At age 17, Jan Marc volunteered with GLA in the Dominican Republic. Now, 6 years later, thousands of GLA volunteers have been inspired by images of his trip. Learn what he’s been up to, the type of footprint he wants to leave on the world, and how he feels about being #GLAfamous in our latest Gamechangers article!
See what Jan Marc’s been up to since his GLA program →
Question of the month
Question of the Month
"Are we too late to sign up for this year? My daughter just discovered GLA last week and really wants to volunteer this summer. I’m pretty worried about getting everything together in time...”
It’s not too late! Learn how quickly you can be on your way to summer adventure →
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#Travelgram Inspiration
We know you won’t be sitting on the couch all summer - and neither should your family or friends! Whether you’re joining GLA for a Service Learning Adventure™ or not, take a moment to inspire your network with an important reminder - not to let the amazing things life has to offer pass you by.
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PS Here’s another opportunity for experience, ideal for GLA alums and recent college grads who’d like to explore the educational travel industry: EduTerra Global Internship. Check it out, applications are being accepted now.
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