Sold-out and wait list updates for popular GLA programs; shareable image, plus check out the USA Today video spotlight on GLA alum Sarah Stubbs.
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Experience defines us. Where you are on your life’s journey is a reflection of your experiences and the choices they've shaped. That’s why we believe at GLA that travel experiences are so important - because they're life-changing. While we're often looking ahead to summer, when 1000s of teens travel abroad with us, there’s a lot going on year-round. In this issue, we’re sharing just a few of those things. Enjoy!
Alumni impact: Sarah Stubbs
USA Today Showcases Alumni Impact
Sarah Stubbs lives her life by a certain saying: "Let the world change you and you can change the world." After getting her start on a GLA program, she’s now spent several summers in the Dominican Republic volunteering to bring clean water to rural families. USA Today put together an inspiring video about Sarah’s passion and progress.
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Program Highlight - London: One Nation, Two Worlds
While most tourists in London focus on checking off bucket list items like seeing Big Ben, GLA volunteers will help at-risk youth channel their energy into productive activities such as gardening, art, and adventure sports. They’ll also discover how the city is combatting issues like food waste and homelessness in innovative and exciting ways and explore the English countryside, including trips to stunning national parks and quaint coastal towns.
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Welcome Aboard
Shout-out From the Dominican Republic
GLA’s first volunteers of 2016 just returned from their 8-day Dominican Republic: Spring Break Service Adventure program, where they were able to accomplish so much in just 8 days! Take a walk in the shoes of a GLA volunteer as you relive their program, from their hike up Mt. Brison to their impact in northern Dominican communities, through their group blog.
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Question of the Month
"I was really excited to sign up for Thailand: The Elephant Village Initiative, but when I called in I found out that session was full this year. Are there any other programs that focus on animal interaction that are still available? What should I do?"
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Want to give your friends and followers a boost? This image, taken in the slums of Dharamsala, India by GLA alum and Photographer Ryan Parrilla, was designed to remind all of us that we have the power to make a positive impact every day—with something as simple as a smile. Share this image on Instagram and see more of Ryan’s journey through India with GLA at @novess.
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