[VIDEO] Teen volunteer life in the Caribbean. Plus, up to $400 Service Grants awarded on select programs: The grant to launch a thousand adventures this summer around the world in June, July and August.
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Our message this month: Love your mother. Yes, the mom who fixed your corsage just before you got whisked away to prom this weekend and is considering letting you volunteer in Africa this summer. But also our universal mother, the mom of all moms… Mother Earth. We’ve all been given wide mountain ranges to follow and find new adventures on, oceans that teem with colorful life, and animal companions to share this planet with. These are the ultimate gifts, and we should do our part to cherish and preserve them.

GLA alum Mary Ado poses with local kids at a service site in the DR.
[video] Dominican Republic: Building a Sustainable World 
One of the main lessons of our Flagship program in the DR this summer is to “learn to live with the world, not off it.” Besides helping build homes for Dominican families, interacting with the island’s children and working with grassroots leaders, you’ll also experience a pristine coastline and beautiful region, far off the tourist track.
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Volunteer abroad this summer with a Service Grant
Service Grants are Available
Service Grants are available for several projects around the world that could use additional sets of hands this summer. We’re awarding teen volunteers with up to $400 Service Grants toward tuition on select programs that begin in June, July and August 2017.
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Start sharing and earn $100
Share the Change, make $100
Think volunteering abroad is awesome and want to relay the coolness to everyone you know? You’re the best (and we’ll reward you for it)! During the month of May, share about GLA’s mission and programs with your friends, using social media or email. Earn $100 when you inspire another teen to enroll in a Summer 2017 program with GLA. 
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GLA Question of the Month
Question of the Month
“How can I quickly search for a program that fits into my schedule?” We created a page just for you, overachiever! View all our program offerings by length and date. Another easy way is to call or text an Enrollment Advisor at +1 858-771-0645 (that’s also the quickest way to find out which programs are waitlisted).
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Words of Wisdom
“The mountains are calling, and I must go.” If Mother Nature is the mom of moms, John Muir deserves an honorable mention as the father of our National Parks. Muir captured the irresistible pull of wild places in this famous quote (BTW, if you’re looking for an epic summit to conquer, Machu Picchu’s a great one).
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P.S. If you're a recent college grad or GLA alum, check out our 11-month internship in Costa Rica, offering a foot in the door of the travel industry and adventure excursions while you work.
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