GLA Newsletter - February 2017
2017 programs kick off! GLA alumni in medical school, what to do if you’re on a waitlist and using optimism to affect change.
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What would change if we spent as much time glorifying starting lines as we do finish lines? What if we cheered as wildly for people the moment they assumed their position in the starting blocks as we do when they run through the tape at the end of the race? We celebrate our alumni’s accomplishments at the end of each summer, but realize it’s the figurative gunshot that takes things from ordinary to extraordinary. As spring break programs kick off our season, we welcome you to join us at the starting line of this grand adventure.

GLA Video Highlight
House of Dreams
These days, teens can build anything—an app, a website, a following on Instagram. But build a home? A clinic, school or other community building? There’s something about taking hammer to nail with your team, and physically lining each wall with reused plastic bottles (a sustainable innovation developed in the Dominican Republic) that gives a deeper satisfaction. Plus, you’ll be helping a community create a permanent safe space, and improve their health.
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GLA Program Highlight
Land of a Thousand Smiles
How much do you know about Thailand’s culture? If it’s just pad thai and yellow curry, an intervention (or a trip there!) is in order. In addition to the amazing food, Thailand boasts beautiful temples, rugged natural landscape and the most friendly people. On Thailand: Cultural Kaleidoscope, you’ll get to visit monks, teach at a school, learn traditional martial arts and get up close and personal with elephants.
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GLA Alumni
Reflecting on GLA from Medical School
Got your sights set on medical school? In our latest alumni interview, Ryan Lion tells us from Georgetown School of Medicine how his GLA experience in South Africa nearly a decade ago helped him get a foot in the door of global health, and ignite a lifelong passion for international development that he’ll combine with his medical practice once he graduates.
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GLA Question of the Month
Question of the Month
“The program that I wanted is waitlisted now. What should I do?” If you want to hop on the waitlist and wait for someone else to cancel, that’s an option...But the smart choice, IMHO, is to check out this list of recommended programs that are sure to deliver a life-changing experience. Our team is always available to help with a personalized recommendation, too.
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Words of Wisdom
“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” As our Spring Break programs begin, we reflect on one of our core values through the words of Helen Keller. We remember that to affect even the tiniest amount of change in our communities means we have made ourselves immensely useful.
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