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The Ambassador experience: Stories from around the world
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The end of summer at GLA is a bittersweet time: We say farewell to our students of 2017, but reflect on the impact you all made with full, happy hearts. This summer, we helped teach at under-resourced schools in Belize and Guatemala, supported organic farms in China, ran basic health clinics in Bali and the Dominican Republic and completed the 75th eco-compost toilet in a Ghanaian community in need, among other major accomplishments. The stories continue to roll in, and we couldn’t be more proud.

Perhaps the best people to tell these stories are our GLA Global Ambassadors, who’ve recently returned from their second or even third trips with GLA, and have spent the past year sharing with peers why stepping out of your comfort zone and doing service-learning abroad can open up a whole new world (literally!) of opportunities. Here’s our special Ambassador issue, featuring our top five Ambassadors from 2017.
Teah Serani
Catching Up with GLA’s Ambassador of the Year
GLA Global Ambassador of the Year Teah Serani was a true jet setter this summer, getting steeped in two completely different cultures across the globe: Belize and South Africa. She hopes to apply her passion for travel and getting to know the world to a career combining medicine and international service in the future.
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Bringing Your Service-Learning Experience Back to Your Home Community

GLA Global Ambassador Carolyn Maslanka impacted the natural world in the Galápagos Islands, as well as primary school classrooms in Tanzania. However, she argues that the most lasting impact an individual can make comes after returning home from a service-learning trip. Read about what she did to educate her local community, and how her two trips differed.

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Supporting Wildlife Conservation by Volunteering Overseas

GLA Global Ambassador Bella Jacobs took her first trip abroad with GLA as a rising freshman, before she even entered high school. This animal lover learned about elephant issues and how to care for Thailand’s gentle giants before working on species conservation and habitat restoration in the Galápagos Islands. She also has the best inspirational quotes, with sources ranging from Hamilton: The Musical to Eminem. 

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Cultivating Relationships in Classrooms Around the Globe

GLA Global Ambassador Grace Lee is humorous, outgoing and always willing to just sit down and chat - infectious qualities that helped her stay in touch with her GLA group from her first trip to the Dominican Republic, inspire classmates and peers from her home community to travel abroad, and this summer, prevail in the face of challenges as she worked at an understaffed school in Guatemala.

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Discovering Your True Calling While Volunteering Abroad

It wasn’t that GLA Global Ambassador Atoosa Haghani didn't have any passions - it was that she had too many to choose from! This well-traveled, self-proclaimed history buff was also into baking, learning languages, volunteering and more. All of this culminated in a life-changing moment in Ghana, when she saw that her path forward would be in providing proper medical care to those who are marginalized from it.

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Interested in becoming a GLA Global Ambassador? The program is open to GLA alumni who were nominated by their summer staff. Email Community Development Specialist Meghan for more info and to self-nominate.

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