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[VIDEO] What—or who—inspires you every day? Check out African Leadership Academy, our new program in South Africa (like a Hogwarts for aspiring entrepreneurs!)
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When was the last time you walked down a different street? Forged a new friendship? Overcame a language barrier? Defended an unusual idea? In 2017, we’re embracing the spirit of adventure that lives within us all. If you’re reading this newsletter, chances are you’re already a little more bold than the average person. Take a cue from this month’s featured alumni, who let their spirit of adventure shine—and make way for new, empowering experiences.

GLA Video Highlight
“I love the little things we don’t pay attention to.”
Shoutout to GLA alum and resident photo expert Ryan Parrilla, for a well-deserved feature in the Washington Post by Canon. An alum of GLA’s India program, Ryan shot beautiful photos during his time in India, capturing the magic of daily life there. His take on everyday India helped convince us that there’s no better place to kick off GLA’s brand new photojournalism program.
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GLA Program Highlight
Like a Hogwarts for Entrepreneurs
Students on our South Africa: Social Entrepreneurship Initiative™ program live on the beautiful campus of African Leadership Academy near Johannesburg. This is where future business leaders and social entrepreneurs from all over the world gather, with a common goal: to start an enterprise that will make the world a better place. Sound like you? Pack your best ideas and critical thinking brain (psst—with our $400 Service Grant, you don’t have to wait for an invitation by owl).
South Africa: Social Entrepreneurship Initiative™ →
GLA Alumni
“Don’t be afraid to care.”
“There is such beauty in openly caring about something,” said Emily Sorrells after going on the Costa Rica: The Initiative for Children™ program. Emily started her journey with GLA the way many of our alumni do—with a TED talk, an “aha!” moment, and an Internet search… and we’re so glad she did! Emily not only served on her program, she returned afterwards and looped in a celebrity to magnify her voice about the importance of helping others.
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GLA Question of the Month
Question of the Month
“Will I fly to [country] by myself?” The answer is, you can, but you don’t have to! GLA’s students come from all over the world, so we do allow families to purchase their own flights for maximum flexibility. However, your dedicated Travel Specialist will help you connect with other families from the same area, so you can coordinate and book flights together from a shared departure city.
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2017: Change the world
“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do,” Steve Jobs once said. Ready to make 2017 your best year yet? You might have to step outside your comfort zone, and stand up for your wildest ideas... But we’ll be right there, helping you every step of the way. (PC: @jamixt36, who traveled with us to Thailand last summer.)
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