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2017 session dates online now + Where to next? Haiti...The Philippines...South Africa...Fiji? Help us craft new programs that are “coming soon.”
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Have you heard this one? “Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.” I’m reminded of this saying now, while we celebrate the service and adventures our students are experiencing this summer and simultaneously plan next year’s programs (2017 session dates are now online!). As the summer continues to unfold, we bring you more ways to share in the experience and look forward to your feedback. Enjoy!
Video: Better than Bollywood
Video: Better than Bollywood
Congrats to Shari Coleman, whose video was selected for Honorable Mention in our 2015 video contest for her beautiful cinematography and storytelling style. In it she highlights her experiences on GLA’s program in India: Service in the Himalayas. Inspired to #bethechange in India? Check out 2017 session dates.
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Program Highlight
Where to next?
Like to plan ahead? So do we. We’re making plans to launch several new programs and you can help us craft the ideal experience. Take a look at what’s coming soon and tell us what you think. South Africa, anyone? The Philippines? Fiji? Haiti? & there’s more...
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GLA Alums Fund Scholarship for Indian Boy
Jess Morten and friends were inspired to help the youngsters they met on GLA’s program in India. Together they created the GLA Tong-Len Scholarship and raised enough money to fund their first scholarship recipient, Kunal. How they were inspired to take action will inspire you, too.
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Question of the Month
Question of the Month
"Can I still apply for a Service Grant? Are there service projects that could still use another set of hands this summer? I’d like to sign up!” Yes, is the answer! Click below to see details.
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Students (and parents, too!) show courage by jumping out of their comfort zones to volunteer on GLA programs in communities around the world - and it’s often a soft heart that led the way. Know someone who needs to be reminded how courageous they are?
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Vanessa Allen, Senior Editor

PS Giving credit where it’s due: The saying, “Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans,” was first published in an issue of Reader’s Digest magazine 1957 and attributed to Allen Saunders, who published the “Steve Roper” comic strip through Publishers Syndicate.

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