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[VIDEO] Teens doing incredible things around the world. Life in Ghana, a 2017 love letter, and words of wisdom from the most admired woman in history.
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Life’s sweetest moments often happen somewhere between point A and point B, on a train, a boat, a plane…whether heading to a brand-new destination, or heading home after a life-changing adventure. So in this month of valentines, we write a special love letter: “Dear travel, thank you for leading us to places, people and moments that have truly stolen our hearts.” Join us this month and open your heart to a love that transcends borders and reminds us of what humanity is all about — XOXO, GLA.

GLA Video Highlight
Celebrating Life in Ghana
Experience Dzita, Ghana through the lens of aspiring cinematographer Kourtney Lohn, an alumni of Ghana: Building Healthy Villages. The importance of this program’s service project can’t be overstated, and the loving community truly welcomes all visitors as family. If you’re interested in global health—or endless hugs, smiles and meaningful work—we say Wayzo! (welcome!) to Africa.
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GLA Program Highlight
10 Service Projects with Heart (and $300 Service Grants)
Valentine’s Day may be behind us, but love is always in season. Through February 28, GLA will award $300 Service Grants to motivated, passionate teens who enroll in one of ten programs on this sweet list. Destinations covered include Costa Rica to Peru to India (so basically, anywhere).
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GLA Alumni
GLA Alumni: Meet Them IRL
We could talk all day long about how amazing travel and volunteering abroad are, but even we get sick of hearing our own voices. Luckily, GLA alumni families are still hosting open houses, where they’ll share firsthand stories, photos, and field your questions. Open Houses are happening all around the country through March.
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GLA Question of the Month
Question of the Month
“I’m nervous about %%dynamic_content_803%% alone. How do you keep students safe while abroad?” After a decade in this business and lifetimes traveling to remote locations, our staff members continue to design and operate GLA programs with safety as the #1 priority. Get an overview of the five non-negotiable safety standards we put in place for each of our programs.
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Words of Wisdom
“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” Eleanor Roosevelt said. She herself transformed the role of First Lady, devoting herself to the pursuit of human rights as no other President’s wife had done before. We agree—dreams are only as big as you let them become, so don’t be afraid to dream big! (PC: @meggssea, who traveled with us to Tanzania last summer.)
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